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by Matthias Rechenburg

Guide for using Infiniband on OTC

A quick guide how to use Infiniband on the Open Telekom Cloud

  1. Create 2 ECS with H1 or H2 flavor using the RHEL7 public image

by Sabrina Mueller & Daniela Ebert

New OTC ubuntu images build from OTC ImageFactory


Currently OTC offers ubuntu images for ubuntu trusty and xenial.\ Found as public images in OTC Image Management Service.

trusty:  Community_Ubuntu_14.04_TSI_latest
xenial:  Community_Ubuntu_16.04_TSI_latest

These images are directly delivered by Canonical to OTC with some base customization for OTC platform.

by Kurt Garloff

Security Advisory about Processor Speculation Leaks (Meltdown & Spectre)


Info: Open Telekom Cloud Security Advisory about Processor Speculation Leaks (Meltdown/Spectre)

Version: 2.1

Date: 2018-08-17

About This Article

On 2018-01-04, security researchers published findings that uncovered how contemporary Processors (CPUs) leak protect...

by Kurt Garloff & Daniela Ebert

New Linux image naming and registration policies


Currently, for each Linux image, there are two series of images, one with a datestamp (e,g, _20180106_0) and one with a _latest name which gets renamed to _prevN and hidden upon a new _latest image registration. We have followed a roughly monthly update schedule (aligning with the Windows world) for the datestamp images and the _latest images while pushing out additional _latest images in between occasionally based on major improvements, bug fixes or security issues.

by Kurt Garloff

Relocating VMs from one pool to another in OTC


When you need to scale vertically, i.e. change the available vCPUs or RAM assigned to a VM in OTC, you can use the resize (change specifications) feature and change the flavor of an existing VM. You can do this via the web interface or the API -- when you then restart the VM, it will come up with the new flavor type.