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by Kucerak, Kristian

CCE - Kubernetes NGINX Ingress with Sticky Session

The current version of Cloud Container Engine - CCE (CCEv2 with kubernetes 1.11) supports external access to kubernetes applications via Elastic Load Balancer - ELB which has an assigned Elastic IP - EIP. This allows users to access services from outside of OTC which are load balanced to the backend CCE nodes and then reach the applications running on the kubernetes cluster. However this might bring a challange for applications which require session persistance between the client and the specific server (in CCE case it is container in the POD) for the duration of the session (sticky session). The ELB supports sticky session based on IP addresses, but if we consider the nature of kubernetes applications, then this might not be sufficient. Just imagine and application which runs multiple PODs on the same CCE node and the CCE node has only one IP address to which the ELB sends the traffic.

by Müller, Sabrina

SLES service pack upgrade

There are several ways to upgrade a SLES12 SP2 to SLES SP3.
OTC has not prepared the way of upgrading via SMT server.
The way to go in OTC is to change SLES repository configuration files to new service pack and start dist upgrade with zypper command.

This upgrade process is the same for all S...

by Eichhorn, Andreas

Update KVM Windows Server with current KVM driver package (>=

Public OTC KVM Windows images published between January and April 2019 contains KVM driver package This package contains a storage driver, which does not recognize expanded disks. It is recommended updating drivers to current version (>=

by Gerlach, Bernhard

Root Cause Analysis and Improvements on OTC Outage 2019-03-30

The Open Telekom Cloud (OTC) suffered a full outage from 2019-03-30 from 12:10 CET until 2019-03-31 14:58 CEST. OTC customers were informed an hour after the event. A preliminary report was sent out in the evening of 2018-04-02. Read in this blog post a detailed analysis and a summary on the technical improvements.

by Robert Neumann

How to use Knative to deploy a Serverless Application on CCE and Kubernetes

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Container or Serverless? A question that will soon be superfluous with Knative. The open source project Knative was developed by Google together with Pivotal, IBM, Red Hat and SAP and offers middleware components for serverless container applications based on Kubernetes and Istio. This allows developers to focus more on writing code. Based on the Open Telekom Cloud CCE service we install Knative and show how to use it.