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Imagefactory Introduction


Open Telekom Cloud (OTC) is an OpenStack based cloud developed in close collaboration with Huawei and operated by T-Systems International GmbH in German Datacenters with German/European operations, launched on 2016-03-14.

Image Factory Images


The images carry the prefix Standard_ for non-commercial Linux versions and Enterprise_ for Linux versions that come with a subscription from a Linux OS vendor. We currently have images for openSUSE, CentOS, SLES and Oracle Linux in this category (RedHat to come soon).


All images are automatically built nightly from mirrored upstream repositories using kiwi7 (openSUSE, SLES, CentOS, RedHat, Oracle, EulerOS) or diskimagebuilder (Debian, Fedora) and are then subjected to an automated testsuite. They have been subjected to standard configuration and hardening measures. The images contain the needed xen drivers (xen-classic or pvops), kvm virtio drivers, uvp-monitor (see) below and most have the cloud management tools (such as otc-tools) that work with OTC preinstalled.