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by Matthias Rechenburg

Guide for using Infiniband on OTC

A quick guide how to use Infiniband on the Open Telekom Cloud

  1. Create 2 ECS with H1 or H2 flavor using the RHEL7 public image

  1. on both systems please modprobe the ib_srp module and restart the srpd service
        # modprobe ib_srp
        # service srpd restart

  1. on both systems check with ping that they both can reach each other

  1. on both system then please install the "iperf3" package via yum
        # yum install iperf3

  1. on both systems please disable the iptables firewall
        # iptables --flush && iptables -t nat --flush

  1. on one system start the "iperf3" as a server
        # iperf3 -s
  1. on the other system start "iperf3" as client
        # iperf3 -c [ip-address-of-the-first-system]

Now you can enjoy your super fast network connection between the 2 VMs.