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by Sabrina Mueller & Daniela Ebert

New OTC ubuntu images build from OTC ImageFactory


Currently OTC offers ubuntu images for ubuntu trusty and xenial.\ Found as public images in OTC Image Management Service.

trusty:  Community_Ubuntu_14.04_TSI_latest
xenial:  Community_Ubuntu_16.04_TSI_latest

These images are directly delivered by Canonical to OTC with some base customization for OTC platform.

To get ubuntu more adapted to OTC and handled more in line with all the other OTC images,\ we decided to build ubuntu images in our internal OTC ImageFactory build tool.\ More information about OTC ImageFactory can be found at

This results in some differences to the current images.\ Not to break customer workflows when using the existing ubuntu images,\ the newly built ubuntu images will\ be availavle as public images in OTC Image Management Service with as

trusty:  Standard_Ubuntu_14.04_latest
xenial:  Standard_Ubuntu_16.04_latest


  • New ubuntu Standard_* images will be availlable starting at 30th of May 2018.
  • Current ubuntu Community_* images will be available until mid of October 2018 (and afterwards be hidden).
  • Current ubuntu Community_* images will not receive fixes after mid of April 2018.
  • Current ubuntu Community_* images will not get any updates after mid of April 2018.

Customer recommendations

After new ubuntu images are available:

  • It is recommended to use new ubuntu Standard_* images

What changes?

General Changes

  • images build with diskimage-builder tool inside OTC ImageFactory

  • previously: delivered from Canonical

  • names of ubuntu images :


previously: :

  • default root disk size for image registration :
    4 GB


  12 GB
  • add Datasource ConfigDrive to cloud-init (used for BMS)

  • add several additional packages

    • ansible
    • smaller, useful tools like: ansible, w3m, bc, wget, jq, screen, ..
  • add several openstack tools to be ready to use OTC API

    • add otc-tools
    • add nova, cinder, glance, neutron, openstack, heat, ...

New features

  • include random password :
    a random generated password for cloud-init default user is available
    on ECS console to use to for log into ECS console.
    ubuntu default user: ubuntu (could be changed by cloud-init userdata)

previously: no random password available

  • add BMS functionality :
    new ubuntu images now can used for OTC BareMetal Service

previously: BMS not supported

  • add uvp-monitor :
    include uvp-monitor which offer a base monitoring for vms.
    monitoring data can be found in OTC GUI for Elastic Cloud Server at Monitoring tab.
    (not available for ubuntu trusty)

previously: uvp-monitor collected monitoring date (such as disk usage) not available

  • adding additional network interfaces to a running ECS in
high-performance flavors is supported now