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by Müller, Sabrina

SLES service pack upgrade

There are several ways to upgrade a SLES12 SP2 to SLES SP3.
OTC has not prepared the way of upgrading via SMT server.
The way to go in OTC is to change SLES repository configuration files to new service pack and start dist upgrade with zypper command.

This upgrade process is the same for all SLES service pack upgrades.
An official desciption how it is done for SLES-15 can be found at SUSE website:

reference description for SLES-15

We prepared an example how to upgrade a fresh installed vm with OTC public image
Enterprise_SLES12_SP2_latest to service pack SP2.

  • Please create a backup from you vm before start.
  • Be carefull if you have own repositories configured. May better to disable them while upgrading the system.

Upgrade SLES12 SP2 to SP3

check os-release VERSION="12-SP2"

sudo cat /etc/os-release

update vm with last patches

sudo zypper ref
sudo zypper up -y
sudo zypper patch --updatestack-only

backup repo configuration

sudo cp -rp /etc/zypp/repos.d/ /etc/zypp/repos.d.SP2.backup

replace repo config for SP2 with SP3

cd /etc/zypp/repos.d
sudo mv OTC-SLES12SP2-LTSS.repo _OTC-SLES12SP2-LTSS.repo.disabled sudo sed s/SP2/SP3/g OTC-* -i
sudo sh -c 'for repo in $(ls OTC* |grep SP2); do newRepo=$(echo $repo | sed s/SP2/SP3/g); echo mv $repo $newRepo; mv $repo $newRepo; done

in case of additional configured repos do the same or disable them

sudo zypper refresh -f -s

simulate upgrade to SP3

sudo zypper --releasever 12.3 dup -y -D --no-allow-vendor-change

only continue if there are no errors in simulation

run upgrade to SP3

sudo zypper --releasever 12.3 dup -y --no-allow-vendor-change


sudo reboot

login to vm again
check os-release VERSION="12-SP3"

sudo cat /etc/os-release