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by Eichhorn, Andreas

NVIDIA license Service will be migrated to new servers

Migration Information

New Servers of NVIDA license Service in Region eu-de have been set up to support latest features and products. These servers have new IP addresses and will be activated by DNS change soon.

If the DNS names below are used, the clients will use the new servers automatically.

The clients must be reconfigured manually, if IP addresses or different DNS names are used.

Please check the connection to new IPs and verify your security group and firewall rules as well (see

  • affected region:
    • eu-de
  • affected DNS names:
  • old IP addresses:
  • new IP addresses:
  • used port:
    • 7070

How to check and reconfigure NVIDIA license server client

Open the NVIDIA control panel by clicking on the NVIDIA icon in the tray or in control panel. Select the Manage License Tab and configure the values as shown in screenshot: