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by Kurt Garloff

September 2018

September 2018:

Updated Linux images provided on 2018-09-20 -- 25. Changes:

CentOS Images:

  • new support for V100 flavors with NVIDEA GPGPU and Cuda support
    • flavors:
    • p2.2xlarge.8
    • p2.4xlarge.8
    • p2.8xlarge.8
    • physical.p2.large

Updated Linux images provided on 2018-09-20 -- 25. Changes:

SUSE Images:

  • Official public image for SLES15 (SP0) and openSUSE15, both using python3 only for preinstalled tools.
  • Migrate OBS repositories from home:garloff:OTC to Cloud:OTC:xxx (openSUSE15, openSUSE42, SLES15, SLES12SP3). We also deliver the images with public repos enabled now; they get disabled as we replace them with our internal mirror by vendordata on first-boot for non-BYOL VMs.
  • Update OpenStack client libs/tools to Queens/Rocky (openSUSE42/15, SLES12SP3/15).
  • Package python-otcextensions (dito).

EulerOS-2: Reunited normal EulerOS (2.3) image with the CCE one:

  • Integrated network-hotplug package for better handling of runtime-attached NICs.
  • Added ecdh-sha2-nistp384 to list of acceptable Key Exchange algorithms in sshd.
  • Include kata-containers as alternative OCI runtime.

Oracle Linux Server 7:

  • Built an image with "Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel" (UEK) R5 including scsi_epfront kmod (BMS cinder storage). It survived our complete testsuite, but we don't have enough experience with it yet to commit to full support and maintenance. (It has been published with a Beta prefix.)