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by Kurt Garloff

December 2016

Updated images provided on 2016-12-21. Major changes over previous versions:

  • Normal images are now built with 4GiB root filesystem. They would still easily fit into 2GiB, but as they are registered with 4GiB min_disk size, they would be resized by cloud-init (growpart, resizefs), which we can now safe for the defaults.
  • Images now have a default RANDOM password for the default (linux) user. It is displayed as login hint for noVNC emergency login, but not visible to unprivileged users. Note that the RANDOM setting is implemented via the cloud-init chpasswd module; if you pass user_data with chpasswd settings, don't forget to include a line linux:RANDOM in there if you want to avoid falling back to the old cloud.1234 password.
  • openSUSE_42.x images have been renamed to openSUSE_42 (without minor version). We always provide the latest (currently 42.2).
  • openSUSE_42 images now include a kubctl patched to work with OTC (
  • New SLES12_SP2 images -- same config as SLES12_SP1, except for some changes to accommodate the switch to pvops drivers from SUSE.
  • SLES11_SP4_extended (previously named SLES11_SP4_SAP) has received an enlarged /usr logical volume to leave some space - for customers to install packages, changing the image size to 20 (GiB). Some minor fixes for issues reported by testers on top.
  • The built Oracle Linux 6 images currently fail to work, which we are till investigating, so no new Oracle Linux 6 image was registered in this round.
  • CentOS_7 add EPEL repository
  • Debian_8, Fedora_24: add OpenStack profile /etc/skel/.ostackrc
  • Fedora_24 images are enabled for accessing internal otc package repositories per default. Public repositories which needs internet connection are preconfigured, but disabled per default.