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Windows images for Open Telekom Cloud

Windows Server Image Content

The Windows Server Images for OTC are build based on the Microsoft Standard ISO images

It is a default OS installation with:

  • System disk of min 40 GB
  • Drivers for XEN, KVM, GPU (NVIDIA), BMS (Intel Chipset Drivers)
  • RDP enabled
  • KMS activation
  • latest Microsoft quality rollups and security patches
  • connected to WSUS of OTC public service zone
  • timezone of OTC platform
  • time synchronization with ntp server of OTC public service zone
  • German and English keyboard
  • Couldbase-Init agent installation and sysprep started

During server startup server configuraiton is finished:

  • sysprep finished
  • host name and password is configured by cloudbase-init
  • winrm is enabled and configured by cloudbase-init
  • Server activation with KMS of OTC public service zone
  • Windows Update configured for automatic download and installation of updates

List of public Windows Server Images

Image Type / OS Version MS Windows Server Enterprise 2008 R2 SP1 MS Windows Server Standard 2012 R2 MS Windows Server Standard 2016
XEN Enterprise_Windows_ENT_2008R2SP1_XEN Enterprise_Windows_STD_2012R2_XEN Enterprise_Windows_STD_2016_XEN
KVM Enterprise_Windows_ENT_2008R2SP1_KVM Enterprise_Windows_STD_2012R2_KVM Enterprise_Windows_STD_2016_KVM
vGPU Enterprise_Windows_ENT_2008R2SP1_vGPU Enterprise_Windows_STD_2012R2_vGPU Enterprise_Windows_STD_2016_vGPU
pGPU (pas through) Enterprise_Windows_ENT_2008R2SP1_pGPU Enterprise_Windows_STD_2012R2_pGPU Enterprise_Windows_STD_2016_pGPU
BMS Enterprise_Windows_ENT_2008R2SP1_BMS Enterprise_Windows_STD_2012R2_BMS Enterprise_Windows_STD_2016_BMS
v100 Enterprise_Windows_STD_2016_v100
IImage Type / OS Version MS Windows Server Core Standard 2016 MS Windows Server Standard 2019 MS Windows Server Core Standard 2019
KVM Enterprise_Windows_STD_2016_CORE_KVM Enterprise_Windows_STD_2019_KVM Enterprise_Windows_STD_2019_CORE_KVM
BMS Enterprise_Windows_STD_2019_BMS

Regular Updates

The Windows images are updated on a monthly basis. Usually at midmonth a few days after Microsoft patch day.