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FEDORA images for Open Telekom Cloud

Link to the Image Browser of Fedora

The subdirectories contain SUSE based cloud images for use in Open Telekom Cloud. The images have originally been built with diskimage-builder. Based on fedora-minimal elememt.

The images use cloud-init to do basic configuration and customization at startup. This allows to inject ssh keys, install packages, etc. (via user-data). cloud-init is hardcoded to inject a user linux with a random password (which is displayed for local logins via /etc/issue) and with full sudo power. Please do NOT enable ssh password auth. Of course you can also set users and passwords via user_data.

The images here have been automatically been built on a VM in OTC.

Huawei has some additional tools that are recommended for OTC guest images. They enhance monitoring capabilities, time synchronization as well as providing guest support for detaching data disks and creating snapshots. These have been built on OBS in my home:garloff:OTC project and the uvp-monitor package from there is included in the images here.

The images are currently rebuilt every night -- changelogs, logs, package lists and configs are published along with the images. If the rebuild is identical to the previous, the image won't be puslished here. The images are booted in a sandbox and are subjected to an automated testsuite. The test results are also published here.

The images have the repositories from our OTC mirror registered; the direct upstream repos are commented out. This way, they can be updated easily, although the proper cloud way might be to redeploy everything regularly on a current image (the ones with _latest names).

Old images will be purged -- if you need them available, you need to download and archive them yourself.

Questions: Feel free to contact me at (remove the -nospam from the address).